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Scheduled Release Date: September 15, 2006

For many of you, fitness time takes away from family time; or the opposite occurs, family time takes away from time necessary for achieving your fitness needs. And one or usually both often suffer.

Our Family Fitness™, created by nationally recognized fitness expert Kurt Lee Hurley of KREATEFitness.com and Utah native, master trainer Jess Brereton. This leading-edge program was developed to provide a solution to the growing need for fitness to be available to everyone; and especially to children, our precious progeny – the fastest growing segment of the obese population.

Our Family Fitness™ builds stronger bodies,
and stronger family relationships.

Not enough time to workout? That’s probably because the concept of a traditional “gym” workout consumes too much time!

Our Family Fitness™

  • Eliminates the need for long-drawn-out workouts
  • Gets you fit by putting maximum benefit into each and every workout minute
  • Reveals the best exercises to do when you’re short on time

Do you perceive that exercise is too much work and has nothing do with fun and play?

Our Family Fitness™

  • Gets you in shape while you forget that you are "exercising"
  • Uses Core Training for the most effective strength, flexibility, and function for your family.
  • Helps energize you and your family

Are hectic, snowy commutes, TV, X-Box or the internet disconnecting you from your family?

Our Family Fitness™

  • Puts you back in touch – literally – with your family members
  • Provides a fun and effective fitness program that the entire family can do together
  • Gets your whole family fit, one workout at a time

Do you want a fitness program without the need for a "useless" gym membership or any cheap home workout equipment?

Our Family Fitness™

  • Requires no equipment purchase
  • Gives you new insights and the latest thinking on the best ways to get fit (You may never need an overrated health club membership again!) Perception is REALITY!
  • Can be done anywhere - indoors, outdoor, rain, snow or shine, in cold or hot weather
  • Can be done in very limited space!

Does every member of your family have a balanced fitness program?

Our Family Fitness™

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Tones hard to reach muscle with our total body training system
  • Breaks weight loss plateaus
  • Improves bone density and decreases risk for osteoporosis (often underemphasized for both males and children)
  • Brings strength training to your fitness plan in a unique and exhilarating way
  • Provides creative options for cardiovascular training

Are you confused about the best exercise to get you and your family improved fitness?

Our Family Fitness™

  • Provides an effective and complete workout for any fitness level.
  • Convenient workout variations allow the workouts to grow as your family does – the plan works with no children, one child, two children, infants, toddlers, and teens.

Do you only exercise because you have to?

Our Family Fitness™

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Strengthens your heart to make walking up stairs feel easier
  • Strengthens your muscles and joints to make tackling whatever your fitness fear might be…something you look forward to
  • Teaches you new and interesting ways to perform traditional exercises
  • Will emphatically change how you think about exercise

This is not hype; this is not a bunch of malarkey, this is the real deal… This is the truth! Our Family Fitness™ is a solution to the major obstacles keeping millions of adults and children from living better lives in fully functional, more capable bodies.

Our Family Fitness™
Builds stronger bodies, and stronger family relationships.

Strength in numbers… Value in Togetherness. Power up today with
Our Family Fitness™

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